Live Dealer Poker Tips to Boost your Card Game

live dealer poker

The growth of online casinos in Canada has seen software developers rush to develop exciting variations of live dealer poker. This is a more realistic version with a real human dealer on the other side of the screen.

The new technology allows interactions through live chat and you enjoy that distinctive casino atmosphere. The main love casino software developers are Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Ezugi, Vivo and XproGaming.

There's also more transparency as you can watch everything the dealer does. You play against the house or the dealer in a variety of poker versions. This post explores some tips and strategies that can boost your live casino poker game.

Understand the Basics of Live Dealer Poker live dealer poker

This version of the card game is based on traditional poker though there are slight variations. You have different variants of the game each with its own RTP. These include.

  • Ultimate Texas Hold 'em (RTP 99.47%).
  • Casino Hold 'em Jumbo-7 (RTP 97.84%).
  • Texas Hold 'em Bonus (RTP 99.47%).
  • Live Russian Poker.
  • 3 Card Brag (RTP 98%).
  • Three Card Poker (RTP 96.63%).
  • Caribbean Stud (RTP 98.19%).

Getting Started in Live Poker

Of these games, Casino Hold'em is one of the most popular poker game variations. Like in the traditional game, there's a standard deck of 52 cards. Your goal is to create the best possible five-card poker hand. For this you have a combo of two hole cards together with five community cards from the deck.

The action starts with an initial bet (an "ante" bet). You can also place side bets such as the pair plus bet. The live dealer deals you and himself two cards each, and three more "community" cards (the flop) on the table. The cards are shared and you try to form the best five-hand hand available.

It's important to understand these basics early, or else you will have a hard time playing the live version of this classic game.

Tips to Apply in Live Dealer Poker

live dealer poker

If you want to enjoy your live poker gaming experience, apply these tips/strategies.

  • Know when to fold: Don't fold too often but again, always be true to yourself. Know when to cut your losses and wait until you have a better hand.
  • Punish players who open-limps (look out for weaker players and eliminate them).
  • Always call if you can pair with the flop.
  • Understand the dealer's position (There's no bluffing and you have to focus on playing your very best game.).
  • Always call with a pair or higher.
  • Always call with two overcards.
  • Raise Q8 or higher and JT.
  • Raise before the flop with any ace or king.
  • If you only need one card to complete a straight or flush, go ahead and call.
  • Set your spending limit and stick to it.
  • Play a flush draw (raise the bet with a flush draw even with low-card singles).
  • Don't fold with a Jack high.
  • Time your game and play slow.
  • Keep practising to sharpen your skills.
  • Leverage welcome bonuses to try free games and boost your bankroll.

It's advisable to keep learning new tips, practising your strategy and watching how other players do it. This adds an edge to your game. Look for the most reputable Canadian online casinos to play live dealer poker.