Casino Bonuses - No Risk and All Reward

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You sit back watching the reels spinning, and your pulse quickens as the reels one by one fall into line, the symbols coming together and the machine flashing the word that every player dreams of seeing: jackpot. Unfortunately, your excitement quickly gives way to dismay as you remember that you had only been playing in demo mode. Demo mode is not the only way to play without risk, however, you can use bonuses to avoid this tragic scenario and enjoy the same risk-free play while keeping your winnings.

What is a Casino Bonus?

Casinos try their best to attract new players and keep their existing players excited, and they use promotions to give you free money/credits and spins to play your favorite games on the house.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Some of the most popular promotions available are those that do not require you to make a deposit with the gambling site. These no deposit promos are generally offered primarily to new players, and come in three main forms: free spins, free cash, and free play.

Free spins is exactly like it sounds - you get a set number of spins to apply to one or multiple slot machines. There are a wide variety of slot machines that can be accessed with free spins, and the number of spins you receive differs from promotion to promotion.

Free Cash is also aptly named, as the betting house awards a certain amount of money for you to gamble with. Unlike free spins you can put it toward more than just slot machines, and the amount of cash offered also varies from one promotion to another.

Free play is by far the least common of the three, but has the potential to generate large amounts of winnings. With free play, for a certain time frame you get to gamble on a multitude of games without risk. You may be able to keep all of your winnings, but some sites make you pay back what you bet from them.

Deposit-Required Casino Bonuses casino  bonus

While no deposit promotions are popular because you do not have to spend any money, there are also two offers that are commonly associated with making a deposit: extra spins and deposit match.

Just like free spins, many promotions offer you extra spins when you make a minimum deposit. You generally get more spins with these promotions than with a no deposit offer, and oftentimes with friendlier terms and conditions.

With deposit match, the casino gives you free money that is a percentage of your deposit. For example, if a site offers to match 300% of your deposit and you spend 50 CAD, you will end up with 200 CAD to play with. These promotions are by far the best way to get the most out of the house, provided you are willing to risk some of your own cash.

Where to Find Bonus Offers

Individual casinos will have welcome bonuses as well as ongoing promotions for existing players. These offers may be time-sensitive or seasonal, or may be part of a larger rewards program. You can also search online for the bonus you are most interested in, and many sites will show you a collection of various promotions.