The Pros and Cons of Instant Play and Downloaded Games

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Online casino game players are often given the choice between playing through their browser and installing games. Knowing how each of them work and their pros and cons will help you make the best overall decision.

The Advantages of Downloaded Games

Downloading games from different sites used to be the only way you could play online casino games. It involves installing a casino's software onto your computer to access their games, and the advantages of downloaded games over instant play are as follows:

  • Better quality - These games tend to have better graphics and audio features.
  • Better reliability - Your game is not likely to crash when you are holding a stellar poker hand or your slot game is in a bonus round.
  • Ease of access - Once the software is installed you have immediate access to all of that casino's games.
  • Safety - The games are only available on the device you installed them on making it more secure.
  • One-time login - Rather than having to sign in every time you visit, you only have to log in once.
  • Faster gameplay - The speed of games in general tends to be faster.

The Disadvantages of Downloaded Games instant play  download

Despite their multiple advantages, there are several cons to using downloaded casino games:

  • Lack of flexibility - You are limited to the device that you install the software on, making it harder to play on the go.
  • No demo - If you want to try out one particular game in demo mode you still have to install the entire casino package, meaning you have to go through uninstalling it if you do not like the games.
  • Storage space - Every casino you download takes up memory on your device, and having multiple casinos can tie up significant space.
  • Variety - Years ago installing casino software was the only way to ensure you had access to the best selection of games. Today, only four software companies still offer downloads.
  • Safety - While not a large threat, there is always some risk involved with downloading software from the internet. This can be mitigated by only using trusted casinos and sources.

The Advantages of Instant Play

instant play  download

With these games you make an account with an online gambling site and play their games through the browser. While it is a newer concept than installing casino game software, it has quickly become the most popular due to several advantages:

  • Mobility - Online games let you play from virtually anywhere with an internet connection and on any smart device.
  • Game selection - You can play games from every top software developer, including the biggest progressive jackpot games.
  • Memory - Browser games do not require you to use any of your computer's storage space.
  • Try before you buy - You can easily play hundreds of different games in demo mode without worrying about installing and uninstalling them.

The Disadvantages of Instant Play

Even with their wide popularity there are still multiple disadvantages to playing games over the internet:

  • Internet connection - Your gaming experience is entirely at the mercy of your internet connection strength. A poor connection can result in lag and games crashing.
  • Game quality - The speed and audiovisual effects of browser games are not as sharp.
  • Accessibility - You have to log in every time you want to play.

Choosing the right casino game style is ultimately a matter of personal preference and what is going to work the best with your lifestyle. It is hard to go wrong with either of these choices, so make your selection and have fun!